Prepare for Move

Moving Policy:
  • Not responsible for pre packed Glass
  • If moving glass, Homeowner will wrap glass items in bubble wrap and fully pad boxes or preferably hard containers prior to move date.
  • Glass, Specialty Antiques, and irreplaceable items should be moved in a separate vehicle by homeowner.

Moving Prep Tips & Instruction

  • Label all boxes by room and contents
  • Leave boxed items in the room they were boxed in (This helps the movers pack the truck by room and speeds the packing and unpacking process)
  • Keep walkways and doorways as clear as possible
  • Purge or donate items that will not be moving to your next home prior to moving
  • Pack cardboard boxes tightly with paper and/or bubble wrap and tape
  • Use boxes that are the same size for safe stacking and transportation
  • When disassembling furniture, keep all screws and hardware in labeled container.  Tape or wrap the hardware to the furniture if possible.
  • Consider transporting electronics, artwork and other fragile or prize possessions in your vehicle to avoid the risk of potential damage during the move
  • Be sure to label all boxes with fragile items.  Use sturdy boxes or container that can be safely stacked.
  • Remember to transfer your home services to new resident.
  • RELAX!  You are in good hands with Moving Time



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